Children's Consignment Sales

Why Go to a Children's Consignment Sale?

What are the benefits?


So, why go to a Children's Consignment Sale? 

  1. Price
    Prices are ubeleivably low, compared to the same items new.  Clothes often go for as little as $1 per article, most commonly around $2 to $5 per item.

  2. Quality
    The churches and organizations that run these sales usually enforce fairly strict policies about quality.  You should not see any tattered, stained or torn articles (if you do, bring them to the attention of a worker)

  3. Convenience
    Yes, convenience!  Under one roof, and in an hour or two, you can get almost everything you need for your kids for the next 6 months. They are great way to find excellent lightly used (often looks like new), children's clothing, toys, baby clothes, maternity clothes, infant equipment, toys for children and infants, baby and children's furniture (cribs, rockers, etc.), strollers, books, cds, dvd's, video's, educational toys, baby monitors, and much, much more.

  4. It's a good cause
    Usually these sales support hurches, youth missions and children's activities

  5. Social
    You do actually have fun meeting and talking with other parents, mostly moms and grandmothers!