Children's Consignment Sales

Sellers' FAQs for Children's Consignment Sales

What exactly is a kids consignment sale? Many churches, some mom's clubs, some non-profits and a few for-profit organizations hold community children's consignment sales twice a year (Spring and Fall) to allow families to sell gently used and new kids items

How does the consignment sale work?

Parents register to consign (sell) through the website. Once registered you receive a consignor number which will allow you to log onto the sale's consignor website. There you enter all of the items you will be selling into the system. The system will generate bar coded tags that you print on your printer and attached to all of your items. On set-up day you bring all of your items to the sale. Usually, your webpage will be updated so you can check on how your items are selling. You do not need to be present during the sale.

When do you need to register for the sale?

Each sale has its own drop-dead date by which you must register; that's usually several weeks to a month before the sale. A few allow a date close to the sale. Make sure you are on sale's mailing list so you will get notification as soon as registration opens.

Is there a fee to sell?

Generally not, although a few sales (usually the for profit ones) do have a $5 to $10 participation charge for all sellers which will be deducted from your total sales.

When do you need to enter all of your items into the tagging system?

The tagging system will lock just prior to the drop-off day. After that, you will not be able to make any additions or edits to your inventory after that time. Usually, you can still print tags in the system after this shut down time.

How much can you bring to the sale?

Most sales have no maximum, some have a minimum, like 10 or 15 items.

How much will you earn at the sale?

The rates consignors are paid vary; 70% to 80% of the prices that you set for their items is typical.  In other words, if you set a price of $10 for an item, and it sells, you would get paid $7 if the rate is 70%. SOme sales increase the rate if you volunteer to work a shift at the sale. Checks are usually mailed out about a week after the sale.

What can you sell at the sale?

Any children's clothing  that isn’t stained or ripped; children's books, school books, toys, games, all  in good working condition, and nothing that is subject to a recall. Some sales have more specific conditions, so always check with the sale.

Does all clothing have to be hanging?

Normally, yes. The sales usually have requirements about using safety pins to attach the clothing to the hangers so it own't fall off. You supply your own hangers and safety pins.  You do not get the hangers or pins back.

What happens to unsold items?

While entering your items into inventory you usually have the option of marking them for donation or not. Items not marked for donation will be sorted by consignor number at the end of the sale and can be picked up during the designated pick-up times. Items marked for donation become the property of the sale to be distributed to charitable organizations at their discretion.

Do I have to mark my items as discounted on 1/2 price Sunday?

No, both the pricing of your items and whether or not you want to put them on discount on the last day is up to you. The sales will tell you that the key to selling at full price instead of 1/2 price is setting a good original price - not too high. But for items that you really don't want back, getting 1/2 price is better than not selling.